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Back to the future for breech babies

Forget Caesarean delivery for breech babies, normal birth is just fine, claims an Israeli researcher, overturning traditional protocols. Photo by Moshe Shai/Flash90. An Israeli researcher is urging obstetricians to relearn how to deliver breech babies. Babies heading down the birth …

Researchers warn of stem cell cancer link

Researchers in Israel are warning that stem cell treatments could raise cancer risks. Photo courtesy of Hebrew University. Hebrew University stem cell researchers (from left): Uri Ben-David, Prof. Nissim Benvenisty and Dr. Yoav Mayshar. Using a patient’s own stem cells …


Cannabis for the greater good

Tikun Olam, medical marijuana supplier to Israel’s Ministry of Health, views providing pain relief for cancer sufferers as a mission that will help repair the world.

Preventing blood clots without drugs [video]

Preventing blood clots without drugs [video]

An Israeli start up has developed a blood clot-prevention device that could one day replace blood-thinning drugs. After surgery, up to five million patients in the US are given blood thinning drugs every year to prevent potentially lethal clots. …

Supplying the missing building block in brain atrophy

Having identified the protein building block missing in patients with brain atrophy, Israeli researchers can now conceive of a way to replace it. The figures depict the progressive wasting away of brain tissue, beginning with normal appearance at eight months …