SteadyMed Therapeutics joins NASDAQ

Omega 3 supplement from algae

No more pungent pills with a fishy after taste: Israel’s LycoRed offers a supplement that can be mixed into breads, crackers and even candies and chocolate bars. Nothing fishy lurking here – just unusually healthful candy. Mary Poppins always said …

A 20-minute alternative to a tummy-tuck
Medical devices

A 20-minute alternative to a tummy-tuck

Instead of surgery, ReFit offers a non-invasive radiofrequency technique that tightens sagging skin in a series of 20-minute sessions. Photo courtesy of Viora Ltd Before and after eight Reaction treatments. Excess, sagging and loose skin: Anyone who has lost a …

Scientists identify cause of rising HIV rates

Medicated AIDS patients are increasingly passing on the virus to male partners, Israeli researchers discover after combing through data. Rising HIV infection rates have been blamed on risky sexual behavior of medicated AIDS patients. An alarming rise in HIV infection …