Prof. Benayahu, right, diving for soft corals in Taiwan. Photo by Ming-Shiou Jeng
A personal trainer for weak hearts
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A personal trainer for weak hearts

Implantable device invented in Israel electrically ‘teaches’ diseased heart muscle to contract more strongly and get the blood pumping. The Optimizer III strengthens damaged heart muscles. For many of the 26 million people with chronic congestive heart failure (CHF), medical …

A quick fix for addictions and depression?

Brainsway’s revolutionary painless, non-invasive deep electromagnetic stimulation eases addiction, depression, autism and other conditions. Brainsway’s device consists of a coil attached to a helmet. Treatments take about 15 minutes. Psychotherapy, drug therapy, hypnosis, cold turkey — whatever the remedy for …

Painless medical billing for US citizens

Israel’s Simplee rolls out an easy-to-grasp healthcare billing management tool that’s tailor-made for US companies and their employees. A clearer way to understand healthcare expenses. Paying medical bills in the United States is sometimes more painful than surgery. With a …


Omega 3 supplement from algae

No more pungent pills with a fishy after taste: Israel’s LycoRed offers a supplement that can be mixed into breads, crackers and even candies and chocolate bars. Nothing fishy lurking here – just unusually healthful candy. Mary Poppins always said …

A 20-minute alternative to a tummy-tuck
Medical devices

A 20-minute alternative to a tummy-tuck

Instead of surgery, ReFit offers a non-invasive radiofrequency technique that tightens sagging skin in a series of 20-minute sessions. Photo courtesy of Viora Ltd Before and after eight Reaction treatments. Excess, sagging and loose skin: Anyone who has lost a …