Israel goes gourmet (audio)

Israel is fast becoming one of the most exciting food destinations in the world as its melting pot of citizens creates an extraordinary culinary culture.

Gourmet restaurants and cafes, internationally celebrated chefs, award-winning wines and chocolates, beers and teas – in the last 20 years Israel has undergone a food revolution.

Today the country has become a food critic’s delight. With a population that hails from dozens of countries around the globe, Israel is creating a unique new Israeli cuisine that combines fresh, top-quality Mediterranean ingredients with a whole lot of Israeli chutzpah.

ISRAEL21c reporters, Viva Press and Ruthie Blum talk to Leon Alcalai, a chef, culinary consultant and cookbook author, and Shir Halpern, a chef, journalist and one of the co-founders of the Farmer’s Market at Tel Aviv Port.

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