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Using water to power itself

What could be simpler than generating electricity for municipal water monitoring systems from the flow of the water itself? That’s the breakthrough idea of Israel’s HydroSpin.

Pacha Sleeping Mama

Pacha Sleeping Mama

The Pachamama Alliance is a worldwide organization that aims to raise awareness of the environmental dangers facing planet Earth – from catastrophic climate change to the mass extinction of species. The Israeli arm of Pachamama has been schlepping the organization’s …

A year of healing after the great Carmel fire

A massive inferno last December took a devastating toll on the northern Israeli biosphere, but there’s some good news 12 months later. Photos courtesy of the KKL-JNF archive Battling the December 2010 fire. Winter flowers are blooming in the Carmel …

Super strain argan oil now made in Israel

Argan oil, the much-in-demand product of the endangered Moroccan argan tree, is now available in a hardy ‘super’ strain developed in Israel. Argan 100 is a “super” strain developed to grow in Israel. There isn’t much left for chefs to …

Giant storage bags save crops from mold, pests

Israeli-designed GrainPro Cocoons provide a surprisingly simple and cheap way for African and Asian farmers to keep their grain market-fresh. The cocoon in action. When the ancient Israelite Joseph told Egypt’s Pharaoh that there would be a seven-year famine, he …