Fishing in the desert

Leave it to Israeli ingenuity to find a way to raise commercial fish independent of bodies of water.

With the effects of over-fishing and chronic water shortages threatening the world’s fishing industry, an Israeli solution allows growers to raise fish commercially thousands of miles from the ocean – in a sustainable, ecological way.

Grow Fish Anywhere

Sustainable fish farming, thousands of miles from the sea.

“Our technology is totally independent of the sea,” says Dr. Yossi Tal of Israel’s Grow Fish Anywhere (GFA). “We are establishing our own unique ecology in our system to sustain the fish, without any pollution.”

It’s also easy on water consumption. Producing one kilogram of fish conventionally requires 5,000 to 7,500 liters of water, according to GFA founder Dr. Jaap Van Rijn, head of the department of animal sciences at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In the GFA system, the amount required is just 40 liters of H2O.

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