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Music to your ears, and your body too

Keinan Goichman of i-Dose, serving up ‘healing hertzes’ to Internet users.Feeling down? Tired? Need some quick energy? While the tendency of most people in our overmedicated world is to run to the doctor for some pills, Keinan Goichman of i-Dose …

The odd couple: cats and dogs can be friends

Cats are from Mars and dogs are from Venus. Or the other way around. Everyone knows that they don’t get along. But everyone also knows a story about the cat that adopted the puppy or the dog that cared for …

Top US business schools court Israeli students

Israeli business schools already have strong international programs – at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzylia or at Tel Aviv University – where attractive MBA programs for foreign and local students are offered. But some Israeli students are looking elsewhere for …

Aiming for laughs in Jerusalem [VIDEO]

Aiming for laughs in Jerusalem [VIDEO]

David Kilimnick, one of the founders of Jerusalem’s Off the Wall Comedy Club.A new English-language comedy club set up in Jerusalem 10 months ago is putting Israel firmly on the map of stand-up comedy.