Adital Ela surrounded by natural materials in her studio.

Congestion pricing could solve airport delays

Too full: Delays at peak times are causing loss of revenues and increased inconvenience to passengers at many of the world’s busiest airports.It may not be popular in London, but it does seem to work. Just as motorists in Britain’s …

Paul Reiser, mad about Israel

It’s the voice that gets you first. His hit TV series, Mad About You, may have wound down some 10 years ago, but the moment you hear Paul Reiser’s familiar, gently ironic voice, you’re waiting for a punch line. And …

Peter Yarrow with kids

Peter Yarrow’s peace puff

Musician and campaigner Peter Yarrow was in Israel recently in an effort to promote peace between Israeli Arab and Jewish schoolchildren.

Let your employees take charge

Productivity increases when workers are empowered, according to the new University of Haifa study.If you want better output from your employees, then let them take charge, according to a new report by Israeli researchers. The study, which was carried out …