Medieval sage and physician Maimonides takes his place in the market. Photo by Lital Yeshurun
Jigsaw Nation

Jigsaw Nation

With sales of some 1.2 million puzzles annually, Israelis are among the world’s leading jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts. A team of Israelis tackled the world’s biggest puzzle. Go into any household in Israel and you’ll find the exact same pictures of …

Israel gets extreme [video]

Israel gets extreme [video]

Israel’s extreme sports run the gamut from kitesurfing and paragliding to bouldering — rock climbing without a harness. Diverse topography. beautiful scenery. good weather year round –and a population addicted to adrenaline highs. No wonder Israel is one of the …

Rockin’ out to the oldies at Jerusalem’s Woodstock [video]

Rockin’ out to the oldies at Jerusalem’s Woodstock [video]

You don’t have to be a hippie to enjoy Jerusalem’s Woodstock Revival show, an annual event celebrating the iconic Sixties festival. Peace signs, tie-dyed clothing and love beads were in abundance at the third annual Jerusalem Woodstock Revival at Jerusalem’s …

Love, hate, lust and sex, with an apple?

Golden Delicious offers audiences across Israel and abroad object theater with a difference. Taking a bite: Golden Delicious’ Ari Teperberg and Inbal Yomtovian. Love, hate, vengeance, lust and sex — all the ingredients for a tantalizing stage production — conveyed …


Bauhaus boom

Worldwide interest grows for Tel Aviv's record-breaking collection of modernist, white-façade Bauhaus-style architecture.
Food and Drink

The ‘elegant wines’ of Flam

A family-run boutique winery in Israel wins top marks and furthers the fame of world-class wines from the fertile soil of this ancient land. Jerusalem’s chunky soil and moderate climate makes for elegant wines. In 1882, Baron Edmond de Rothschild …

Antidote for date rape

Tel Aviv University chemists have a patented device that detects even small amounts of ‘date-rape drugs’ lurking in a beverage. Photo by Flash 90 No more worries about “date-rape drugs.” “Date rape” of teens and young adults sedated with drug-laced …