Photo of the Week – Sunset at the Dead Sea

Sunset, a still and silent sea, and desert landscape combine to create a memorable


The staff of ISRAEL21c all loved this photograph sent in by Roy Katalan of the Dead Sea at sunset.
The color of the sky combined with the stillness of the sea, and the harsh desert
landscape combine to create a beautiful shot that captures some of the unique atmosphere of the Dead Sea.

Katalan was one of the entrants to our Great Outdoors Photo Competition.
We will be featuring some other favorite shots from the competition in the coming weeks.

If you’ve got a photograph you’d like to feature on ISRAEL21c please send it in high resolution to Every week we will choose the best one to feature on our pages.

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  • Gnarlodious

    Guess I’m a little confused. Wouldn’t that picture have to be taken from the Jordanian side?

  • Henry Meisel

    Very beautiful………………

    I remember the Dead Sea or Sdom as it is called, sadly a few years ago when I visited Israel taking a tour from Jerusalem that the water level was much receding. I was in the Hagannah in 1949 stationed in Ein Chusub Picud Hadarom and would drive a food truck to Sdom. The food was then transported to by boat to Ein Gedy………..then a military lonely outpost only
    accessible that way. Henry Meisel.