Shop-A-Fada logo


In the face of increasing calls to boycott Israeli-made products, a group of Israeli businesspeople is launching “Shop-A-Fada,” and its spokesman is none other than the legendary Israeli basketball-star-turned-goodwill-ambassador Tal Brody.



For the 17 years that we have lived in Israel, we have been boy scouts when it comes to paying our U.S. taxes. We file our 1040s dutifully, even though there is rarely any tax to pay (we pay our …


Orange you glad I didn’t say Pelephone?

Earlier in the week I wrote about my new iPhone 4S. I took a rather crafty approach in obtaining the phone. The local cell phone operators – Orange, Pelephone and Cellcom being the largest – are more than happy to …


Meeting whiz kid Ben Lang

When I first met Ben Lang, I didn’t take much notice. Apparently I should have. The 18-year-old returning immigrant has taken Israel’s hi-tech scene by storm, in the process being written about by no less than 22 publications in Israel …

Business no longer has all the answers, one of Jerusalem’s largest employers of English-speaking immigrants and a long-time survivor of the first crash, has been effectively gutted by its new owners. TechCrunch reported that yesterday, 45 of the company’s 65 Israel-based employees were fired, along …