Winners of the Great Outdoors Photo Competition

We choose the winning four photographs from the wonderful pictures sent to ISRAEL21c of Israel’s desert, sea, mountains and fields.

We asked you to send us your best photographs of the great outdoors in Israel, and that’s exactly what you did.

We received some fabulous pictures reflecting virtually every different area of life in Israel’s great outdoors, from pictures of the sea, the fields, the mountains and the desert to beautiful shots of animals, plants and birds.

Out of the top 10 scoring photographs, ISRAEL21c staff chose the winning pictures.

We are pleased to announce that the winners of ISRAEL21c’s Great Outdoors Photo Competition are:

1. Rosh Hanikra, by Ethan Weg

Rosh Hanikra

2. Sunrise over Shiloh, by Devo Kessin

Shiloh sunrise

3. Run Forest Run, by Ludmila Sklyar

Waater fun

4. Camel ride in the Negev Desert, by Darren Dublet

Camel ride

The winners will be contacted by ISRAEL21c and will receive a unique aerodynamic sunshade developed by Israeli company Otentik as their prize.

There were many other great photographs entered into this competition and we will feature the best of these in our Photo of the Week section in coming weeks.

Thank-you all for taking part.

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  • Devo Sandberg Kessin

    Thanks so much!