The eTree is a radiation-free, self-contained power station/seating area

Shade yourself under the solar-panel canopy, recharge your devices, surf the Net, have a cool drink – courtesy of the sun and Israeli ingenuity.

Image via (shutterstock pregnant)

A significant study by Israeli, American and Swedish researchers pins the blame for type 1 diabetes on a virus contracted by mothers during pregnancy.

Results of the Root Sense system.

Farmers from California to China have a new Israeli tool in the struggle to assure food security in coming decades.

Aroundish chef Gavriel Flyshman. Photo by Hadas Peretz

Platforms matching personal chefs with the lunchtime crowd and the dinnertime rush in central Israel will soon be testing the waters in North America.

battle over milky 268x178
The Original Battle Over Milky

It’s currently in the headlines as a symbol of the high cost of living but Israel’s favorite chocolate pudding and whipped cream treat has always inspired high passion.

The Original Battle Over Milky
Sukkah-hopping with presidents
Living History Israel-style
Shmita – Controversy and Community
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