Hikers at Sataf. Photo by Abigail Klein Leichman

Trails of all sorts – from easy walks to challenging rock scrambles – are just a short drive from the center of Israel’s capital city.

StickOut says it offers the world’s first online car graphics marketplace.

Two Israeli companies offer car owners customized stick-on, peel-off graphics to personalize their vehicles.

Image via Shutterstock.com

Did your cursor just vanish? That’s not a glitch but a feature for Israeli fraud-busting startup BioCatch.

The Lotan buildings are constructed from straw bales coated with mud, making them fireproof as well as earthquake-proof.

Nepal could benefit from earthquake-proof houses developed by Kibbutz Lotan from renewable materials and ancient techniques, a guest writer reports.

The garden of the Varsano Hotel, soon to be a family residence.
15 billionaires in Neve Tzedek

A tycoon’s purchase of a boutique hotel as his private home is another sign of the rise of this old Tel Aviv neighborhood’s ultra-chic status.

15 billionaires in Neve Tzedek
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8 fun facts about Shavuot in Israel
Going To the Mattresses

Documentarrian Nurit Kedar on the safe haven of hotel beds in all their slept-in, wrinkled and rumpled glory.

Going To the Mattresses
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Tel Aviv On Top
Photo of the Week – Inside the Aedicule
Flower Crowns at Shavuot

How an association between an ancient symbol of harvest bounty and the modern Jewish settlement created a holiday symbol.

Flower Crowns at Shavuot
Celebrating Reunified Jerusalem – 1968
Israel’s WWII vets mark VE Day’s 70th
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