An outdoor recreation area at Kfar Ha’irusim stands empty during the war.

How a southern residence for autistic adults is managing – barely – to keep residents calm and safe.

Clean-tech image via

One expert says experience with conflict could be a shaping force in defining Israel as the new clean-tech global leader.

An injured Israeli soldier is evacuated by helicopter from near the Israeli border with Gaza Strip on July 21, following heavy fighting. Photo by Flash90.

TopClosure, invented by an Israeli plastic surgeon, allows for quickly and temporarily closing skin over an open wound in an emergency setting.

A nurse cares for a newborn in a shelter at Barzilai as a warning siren sounds for possible incoming rockets in Asheklon. Photo by Uri Lenz/FLASH90

Keeping fragile newborns safe under bombardment from Gaza is no easy matter.

Photo finish for Musrara photo-therapy grads

Graduates of a unique program in photographic art therapy at the Naggar School of Photography in Musrara, Jerusalem explore intimate, sometimes difficult topics.

Photo finish for Musrara photo-therapy grads
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There many aspects to Israel’s new President Reuven “Rubi” Rivlin that make him the Israeli everyman, including his 1950s upbringing in the once small town known as Jerusalem.

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