Taking the plunge in Akko. Photo by Shay Levy/FLASH90.

The World Heritage Site northern port of Acre (Akko) is saturated with history, archaeology and modern amenities such as fine restaurants.

Like Facebook for doctors, only better.

‘The ability to have discussions on medical and paramedical issues between physicians all over the world is very exciting,’ says Israeli neurosurgeon.

Medical simulation unit at Technoda.

‘Our two goals are to further the study of science and technology in Israel, while helping to cure societal ills and inequalities,’ says Technoda CEO.

cap 1: ‘A moment of kindness’ with kids at Felicia’s daycare. Photo by Abigail Klein Leichman

Gideon Ben-Ami has an uncanny ability to discover the poorest and most overlooked people hidden in the bustling metropolis.

battle over milky 268x178
The Original Battle Over Milky

It’s currently in the headlines as a symbol of the high cost of living but Israel’s favorite chocolate pudding and whipped cream treat has always inspired high passion.

The Original Battle Over Milky
Sukkah-hopping with presidents
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Shmita – Controversy and Community
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