Hot air ballooning in Israel. Photo courtesy of Over Israel.

As summer heat gives way to deliciously pleasant days and cool nights, ISRAEL21c has 12 suggestions for this autumn in Israel.

Ebola continues to rampage out of control through West Africa. Image via

Researchers in Israel are at the forefront of finding a cure for the deadly viral illness now grabbing headlines.

A skydiver from Paradive shows there’s no shortage of imagination when it comes to finding places to celebrate Rosh Hashana.

Not everyone likes to eat their apple and honey at a table – some prefer to eat while skydiving, surfing, or climbing.

From left, beekeepers at Hebron Honey tend their honeycombs. Photo by Nati Shohat/FLASH90

Israel’s annual Honey Festival is in full swing across the country, and the summer war with Hamas won’t affect honey availability for Rosh Hashana.

Lady Gaga on a previous visit to Israel in August 2009. Photo by Flash90.
Lady Gaga lifts Tel Aviv

Provocative pop star and singing legend Tony Bennett surprise 23,000 fans with a duet of ‘I Can’t Give You Anything but Love.’

Lady Gaga lifts Tel Aviv
Posh new Waldorf Astoria opens in Jerusalem
Vans Israel films a surfer’s paradise
Coffee Express, Cofizz and Cofix wage coffee war
Learning from Taxes

The history of civilization is writ in taxation and there’s no better proof than Jerusalem’s Museum of Taxes, whose collection of tax-related artifacts ranges from the ancient world to modern Israel.

Learning from Taxes
Israel’s Energy Past… and Future
Looking Back at Back-to-School
Tarpupu Time at Jerusalem’s First Station
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