Pocket device helps Nepal victims breathe

The BVM (bag valve mask) is one of an emergency responder’s main tools. Israeli paramedics designed the world’s first ‘pocket’ version of this lifesaver.

Medieval sage and physician Maimonides takes his place in the market. Photo by Lital Yeshurun

Not just an art installation, the murals are part of a new cultural project to bring new life to the marketplace when shops are closed.

Avi Hasson, chief scientist of the Ministry of Economy. Photo by Everton Amaro/Fiesp

‘Though 2014 was a hallmark year for Israeli startups, we are far from reaching the industry’s full potential.’ Chief Scientist Avi Hasson.

Reports for precision agriculture decisions. Image via Shutterstock.com

Sensilize provides drone-enabled color imaging of fields as well as interpreted maps to enable optimal agricultural decisions.

One of the sculptures is a giant slice of watermelon. Photo courtesy of Leket Israel
Come see what cans can be

Israel’s first Canstruction exhibit aims to raise awareness about food rescue, minimizing food waste and addressing hunger.

Come see what cans can be
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Adam Was First

Take that, Robbie Williams! Your amazing performance may have conquered Tel Aviv last night but even a consummate entertainer like you can’t vanquish Israelis’ memory of 80s heart-throb, Adam.

Adam Was First
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Red Flowers for Remembrance
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