GreenOnyx system for growing and preparing Khai-nam, a.k.a. watermeal.

GreenOnyx is developing a kitchen countertop system to grow and process Khai-nam, nutritious and versatile sea vegetable resembling caviar.

Scene from a Tel Aviv gay pride parade by Roni Schutzer/FLASH90.

‘There is no question that Tel Aviv is a gay paradise,’ says community activist ahead of the Dec. 24-Jan. 7 festival.

FeeX cofounders Uri Levine, left, Eyal Halahmi, Yoav Zurel and David Weisz.

FeeX uses crowdfunding data to suggest better deals on retirement account fees, so far saving 75,000 users some $300 million.

Who says dogs don’t enjoy innovation? Photo via

Israelis have developed an innovative range of products for the world’s dog owners, from DogTV to a revolutionary, mess-free pooper-scooper.

Speaking for the Seas

Award-winning US-based Israeli nature photographer Amos Nachoum explores the watery world and advocates for marine life.

Speaking for the Seas
The Female Gaze
Photo of the Week – Winter begins in Israel
Photage Autumn Impressions
Second hand - 268x178
The Vintage Advantage

Anything old used to be suspect but rebrand those hand-me-downs and trendy Israelis are there.

The Vintage Advantage
A Celebration of Mastication
Battle for Beersheva
Photographic Truth at Bezalel
Israel in Video

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