Patrons relax at the iconic café Tmol Shilshom.

Tmol Shilshom (Only Yesterday) in the historic Nahalat Shiva has been a favorite of patrons for two decades for the food, the literature and the romance.

A satellite orbiting earth. Photo by

Israel has built itself an impressive reputation as a developer of the latest satellite technologies.

Revolutionary option for baby nutrition. Image via

Israelis develop the world’s first vegetable-based infant formula that meets international nutritional regulations without problematic ingredients.

Hand-harvesting at Kaima.

‘We thought we could give these kids something beyond what they get in sessions with a social worker or psychologist,’ says Kaima founder.

Apples and Honey for the New Year

In time for Rosh HaShana, food photographer Yula Zubritsky has created a series of pomegranate, apples and honey-themed e-greeting cards,

Apples and Honey for the New Year
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Shmita – Controversy and Community

Since 1888, Shmita, the agricultural sabbatical year, has ignited controversy. This year, efforts are being made to reset the “reset year”.

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